Traditional Quadrathlon


The Traditional Quadrathlon event will be featured at the 2018 NSMSG as a major event that will promote culture and sports and traditional competition at its finest! Participants will compete in four (4) traditional Mi’kmaw sports of canoeing, running, swimming and archery!

This event will be hosted at the Goat Island Cultural Grounds area during the Summer Games with high honours bestowed to our winners!

Competition Dates/Times
Thursday, August 23, 2018: 10:00am – 9:00pm


Goat Island

Eskasoni, NS

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Participants will register as individuals only for this event with the following male and female categories competing for the title of champion!


Senior Ages 19-34 (born 1984-1999)
Master Ages 35-54 (born 1964-1983)


General Rules

All participants in each age category will gather together 30 minutes prior to the race start time to prepare for their heat and age division. Each athlete will have this time to warm up and prepare for the starting count down!

Each athlete will begin at the start line at the Fisheries wharf and will swim from the shoreline to Goat Island (approximately 1000 m). From there each of the athletes will run two (2) laps (approximately 4.4 kms) around the walking trail loop and then back through the area set up for archery. The athletes will shoot and hit three (3) of the 3D animals that will be made available in the archery area. Then athletes will proceed towards the shoreline to the nearest selected canoe and paddle by themselves from the Goat Island shore line, straight back to the Fisheries Wharf immediately in front of them (approximately 1000 metres) following the marked buoys and then return to the same location they started from. Upon completion of this, the athletes will run towards a finish line in a race to victory!!

Competition Format

The competition format will be determined by the number of entries per age category.

Traditional Quadrathlon Coordinator

John T Johnson