The NSMSG Archery Component shall consist of 3-D Archery Competition with separate categories for traditional and compound bows. The event will take place on Goat Island in Eskasoni.

Friday, August 24, 2018: 10:00am – 6:00pm


Goat Island

Eskasoni, NS

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3-D Archery Competition will consist of both male and female individual events.

Peewee Under 8 (born 2010-2017)
Cub Ages 9-13 (born 2005-2009)
Jr. Hunter Male – Ages 14-17 (born 2001-2004)
Jr. Huntress Female – Ages 14-17 (born 2001-2004)
Hunter – Fixed Pin or Hunting Style 1 Pin
Huntress – Fixed Pin or Hunting Style 1 Pin
Compound Any Equipment Ages 60+ (born 1958 or before )
Ages 50-59 (born 1959-1968)
Ages 18-49 (born 1969-2000)
Compound Fixed Pin, no lense Ages 18-49 (born 1969-2000)
Recurve Ages 50+ (born 1968 or before)
Ages 18-49 (born 1969-2000)
Long Bow Ages 50+ (born 1968 or before)
Ages 18-49 (born 1969-2000)

* Please note that all divisions are separated by MALE and FEMALE.

Number of Athletes

Each community may enter five (5) male and five (5) female athletes for each equipment and age division up to a maximum of twenty (20) athletes per community. An athlete is allowed to compete in only one (1) equipment division.

Number of Coaches

Not necessary but allowable.

General Rules

The most recent version of Archery Canada, 3D Archery rulebook will apply, unless otherwise stated in the package.

Competition Format

Athletes shoot two (2) arrows per target with twenty (20) targets making one round. On each day the athletes shall complete two (2) rounds. The targets shall be placed at unmarked distances up to a maximum of fifty (50) yards. The target may be moved between rounds.

Drawing of Lots

A shooting group of archers (4-5), randomly picked by the coordinator, will be determined. One archer must be a senior athlete otherwise an adult scorer will accompany the shooting group.


An experienced range officer (Nova Scotia registered official) controls the event designated and approved by the host society. The scores are tabulated by two (2) scorers (double scoring) within the shooting group.

Field of Play/Equipment Requirements

  • All equipment shall comply with FITA classes defined.
  • The 3D Archers must supply their own equipment: arrows/bow and must comply with FITA rules.
  • The arrows shall be of the same material and uniform in length and weight.


  • A compound, recurve or long bow with no restrictions as to shooting aids.
  • No range finders shall be permitted.


  • A compound recurve or long bow must be shot with a glove, finger tab or bare fingers.
  • One (1) fixed pin, cross hair, or moveable site is allowed.


  • A recurve or long bow with no sighting device.
  • A rest and plunger are all that may reside within the site window.
  • There will be no markings on the bow or on the bow string that could be construed as site marks.
  • There will not be any type of draw check on the bow or the string.
  • Bow must be shot with glove, finger tab or bare fingers.
  • While shooting the archer shall touch the arrow with the index finger against the nock, and use a single anchor point.

Competition Rules

  • An athlete is allowed to compete in only one class.
  • Equipment shall be checked before the match and shall not be altered during competition.
  • Each target is numbered at the shooting position. The archer shall not shoot forward of the shooting line.
  • Practice on the course is not permitted.
  • Equipment failures must be visible and agreed upon by the majority of the group. Upon agreement, the shooter must have his/her scorecard initialed by the entire group as an equipment failure. The shooter with the failure must proceed forward through the course to notify a range official.
  • A range official shall determine the best course of action for the remaining shooters in the group to complete the round.
  • A range official shall hold the individual’s scorecard until the repair is completed and he/she is escorted back onto the range. The range official shall determine the amount of time necessary to make the needed repair. The time element will not be abused. A range official must escort persons re-entering the range to the designated target.
  • After each end the athletes walk to the target (which they share). An arrow earns the score of the zone it lands in. They are as follows:
    • Ten (10) for the smallest ring, eight (8) points for the outer ring, five (5) points for a body hit and zero (0) points for a hit in the horn or hoof, not touching body color, any other miss or glance off.
    • In case of a disagreement on the placement of the arrow, the range officer settles the dispute. The protest is brought forward by the individual, coach or manager.
  • If the arrow is pulled before the tabulation, the person who pulls the arrow receives a score of zero (0) for that target.
  • The score cards have to be legible, completed in black or blue ink and signed by the scorer and the archer. If the tabulated scores do not match, the lesser value will be recorded as the official points.
  • If an arrow lands in the dividing line it earns the higher value. A deflected arrow is scored where it lands. Witnessed pass through arrows are to be scored as agreed on by the majority of the group or a re-shot before shooters advance to the target. An arrow embedded in another arrow scores the same as the first. A reshot is not warranted.
  • When two archers or more have identical total scores, the process of tie breaking is as follows:
    • A shoot off will be held using a 3-D animal target set at an unknown distance. Each shooter will shoot one (1) arrow each. The arrow closest to the centre of the target will determine the winner.
  • Field glasses (binoculars), telescopes and other optical aids may be used for spotting arrows provided they do not represent any obstacle to other athletes at the shooting peg.
  • Prescription spectacles, shooting spectacles and sunglasses may be used. None of these may be fitted with micro hole in lenses, or similar devices, nor may they be marked in any way that can assist in aiming. The spectacle glass of the nonsighting eye may be fully covered or taped, or an eye patch may be used.

Rule Violation:

  • Any person in violation with FITA rules will be disqualified from the event.
  • Any shooter who disobeys shoot officials orders will be disqualified from the event.
  • Littering, improper disposal of trash will be considered as un-sportsmanlike conduct.

Archery Coordinator

Fred Sylliboy
Phone: 902-577-6579